Natural remedies to decrease bloating and benefit your health

More than 20% adults have complaints of frequent belching and flatulence but they are embarrassed to discuss it out. Well, bloating or gas does not imply that there is some problem in the digestive system. To decrease bloating, you have to focus on your diet and eating habits.


Beat bloats with simple tips


Bloating is the filling up of gas in the stomach and intestines. It gives a sensation that the stomach is larger than normal. If you are suffering from any such problem, you may follow the tips below:


·         Eat in small quantities and chew the food properly. Eat frequently and slowly.

·         If you want to consume beverages, make sure they are in the room temperature

·         Visit your dentist and get the denture checked for a perfect fit.

·         Be active during the afternoon. Involve in more of physical activities to get rid of bloating

·         After you finish eating, sit straight

·         After eating, it is necessary to walk for 20 minutes


You need not avoid the foods that you think are causing bloating. Consume a diet rich in fibers to regulate bowel moment and for your colon health. You may slowly and steadily add items that are rich in fiber to your diet. Stay hydrated. Avoid foods that are acidic.


Curb bloating with natural remedies


You may take several measures to decrease bloating. Most advertisements speak aloud about certain medications that help to reduce intestinal gas. Among them only some products are proved clinically. There are various natural remedies that can help avoid bloating. Start consuming peppermint tea, turmeric, coriander, fennel seeds and chamomile tea to reduce bloating. If the problem is severe, you may consult with your doctor.



If bloating is only occasional, you need not take any medical help. But, try and consume a fiber-rich diet.